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Announcing the first shipping tournament entirely for canon same sex pairs on science fiction, fantasy, and horror television shows

We want to celebrate our favorite ships and shows that portray same sex relationships in genre television. To that end, genretvforall is hosting a shipping tournament from August 10th through September 7th.

The tournament is divided into four regions based on gender and current/classic (off air) television. Yes, some of the characters are dead, but in these kind of shows, you never know what could happen!

You may vote as many times as you want.

Each round ends Sunday night at midnight ET/11pm CT.

Questions or concerns: contact Emma off anon only.

Quick links:

Spread this far and wide to fans of all these fantastic ships!

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The queerbaiting tweets in #AskSupernatural

Shippers: Dean and Cas are so in love!
Some Writers: NO!
Misha: YES and they should kiss they are totally in love I'm on board bring it on you're not crazy
Other writers: Mhmm...maybe.
Jared: No. This is not what the show is about yadda yadda
Some other writers: I don't know...we can't say...we're not sure
Jensen: No! NO. Guys they are just friends
Writers: Its up for interpretation...we can't confirm nor deny anything...
Metatron: He's in love...
shippers: yes yes omg it's happening
Metatron: ...with humanity
Jensen: They are just war buddies. But also soulmates, ya know?
MIsha: Cas has a Dean fetish.
Shippers: ...
Shippers: I quit.

you can’t even die right